About us

If you are into home décor, and selfcare, you are in the right place! At Kala you can find all the things that makes a girl want to stay home and unwind. From home décor, to candles, to sage,  you can find all things homey at our shop. 


About The Founder:

Kala was founded by Aimet Arenas a Cuban immigrant who calls Miami her home. Aimet, is a 31-year-old breast cancer survivor who fell in love with all things décor during her journey with cancer. She learned that having a home that made her happy was part of her self-care. She began to transform her home into a space that she loved coming to after a long day.  It was then, that her idea of opening a store where décor meets selfcare came to mind.

Kala which also means time was a name Aimet found to be a good fit for her brand. Whether it’s styling a shelf, putting on a mask, or burning a new candle, the time for selfcare is NOW!